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a family law lawyer assists a young woman preparing her case

Your lawyer will:

  • provide legal advice.

  • help you to consider whether there are some steps that you can handle yourself, saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

  • help you to decide what your first steps should be.

  • assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and of the case against you.

  • discuss strategy.

  • advise you of your options and make recommendations.

  • review documents and suggest revisions.

  • explain what information is helpful to include in documents and what is not helpful.

  • help you to assess the processes which are available to you so that you don't make missteps.

  • explain the court rules and guide you through the complicated processes.

  • if you decide to represent yourself in court, coach you on how to argue your case.

  • help you to prepare for court applications or trial.

  • research legal issues.

  • help you to prepare for mediation, arbitration, or a settlement conference.

  • be available as your trusted advisor throughout the course of your family dispute.

Here's how we help:

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