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Fees and Payment Methods


Our Fees are Pay-as-you-go:

  • You won't receive any surprise bills or incur stressful debt.  There is no expensive retainer.

  • Purchase and pay upfront by the hour.  Our fee ranges from $275 - $420/hour plus GST + PST, depending on the seniority of the lawyer.

  • You may only need an hour of assistance.  You'll be saving on legal fees by handling much of the groundwork by yourself, and receiving a lawyer's advice only when you need it.  You won't be paying for hours of extra legal service that you don't require.

  • You choose to use the time that you've purchased however you wish; by in-person meeting, telephone call, Facetime/Skype/Zoom videochat, or email. 

  • You can make appointments for evenings and weekends as well.  What works for you?

Payment Methods:

  • We accept payment by credit card, email money transfer, and cash.

  • Interested? Contact us at or use the button below.

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